Even Villa Miami Felt Like A Vacation

If you go on vacation in Miami, what do you want to do first? Do a party beach at night in South Beach? Or have a party on a yacht with your friends? Everything sounds good in Miami even villa miami feels like a vacation itself. But there are a lot of destinations you should try when you in Miami so you will have a great memory while in Miami.

The first destination you should try is Oleta River State Park. This Oleta River will give you a nature trip, also you can try a parasailing there. If you are lucky, you can see the pink dolphin in this Oleta River, and the beauty of the mangrove forest, also the fresh air you can not feel in the city. Haha. This nature trip could be a choice for a family trip.

Lincoln Road is the second-best you should try when you are in Miami. Lincoln Road has that art deco style that makes this place is the most visited by tourists. They usually spend their time to take a walk around this Lincoln Road. Here, there is a lot of clothes outlets, souvenirs, restaurants, and many more. The beauty of the architecture makes this place is the best place to take a picture. If you in Lincoln Road, do not forget to take a picture and upload it on Instagram!

Like what I said before, South Beach is the best beach in Miami! At least you have to have a sunbathing on this beach and the night party beach. Because it will tasteless if you go on vacation in Miami but you do not try those two things in Sout Beach. Even the villa miami is felt like a vacation, you can try to Villazzoo to rental a luxury villa with five-star service.

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