Involving Your God In Every Occasion

Everyone does everything to find their happiness. They feel like they are alive again when they are happy. In this case, people cannot just get happiness directly. Happiness is something that follows after you succeed in doing something. When people try reaching their happiness, frequently they have to struggle for a relatively long time. The greater efforts they make, the greater the happiness they feel. However, it is not few that cannot take the struggle so that they give up. This is why some people tend to find some ways to keep them always motivated to pursue their happiness no matter what happens. The others even make a prayer request to feel more motivated to continue their struggle.

Many successful people have a balance of activities. Here besides they make the hard efforts to reach their dreams, they also heal their soul by contemplating. Here they consider that contemplation is the best way to keep them peaceful and get closer to God. With all weaknesses, you realize that you can go on with a strong mentality and confidence. Having God besides you is also another way to anticipate you to feel inferior as God’s power is the greatest that human cannot deny.

Some people even try to involve God in every activity of theirs. They feel that it is another way for them to get them to stick to the right things. This way possibly makes you to consistently stay on the right track.

Instead of consistency, it is difficult for you to reach your dreams. You have to sacrifice everything to get your happiness. By feeling that God is beside you, you feel like that there is nothing to worry anymore. You will hit everything that challenges your path to reach your happiness. Everything that happens will be okay for you.

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