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New Home Owners Must Know How To Design A Small Minimalist Bathroom

Since the minimalist bathroom space is limited, you must be smart to get around the formation of bathroom equipment. The simplest formation is to put a shower, toilet, and sink in a straight line. It also facilitates the management of clean and dirty water channels. Do not forget to limit the shower with a partition, choose a simple room divider. Additionally, if you want to fill your bathroom with another extra furniture, you may want to buy new bathroom vanity, and you might also want to read the bathroom vanity buying guide before you buy it.

Choose a maximum of two main colors

The wrong color selection can make a small room look more cramped. This can also happen when you choose the wrong color for the bathroom. Actually, the bathroom color selection is not too complicated, you only need to choose two main colors.

There is no harm in playing safely using basic colors like white, black, or brown. These three colors can make the bathroom look clean, comfortable, with a broad impression. If you want to add other colors, you can put simple decorations with pop colors. For example, by adding a soap bottle in yellow or Tosca or gold for a luxurious impression.

If you can adjust the light in the bathroom

The lighting settings in the bathroom are as important as other rooms. So do not underestimate the light in the bathroom. If it is possible there is no harm in adjusting the light in the bathroom. Compared to just one light, try lighting at some point like a hotel.

Setting the light at some point gives the impression of luxury. Also, you may try to put the lamp under the sink mirror for a modern impression.

Do not stick to the traditional clothes rack or hangers

Today you can find various models or designs of shelves and coat hangers. So don’t get hung up with the traditional hanger and rack models which sometimes take up a lot of space. Adjust the size of your bathroom with the rack and coat hanger that you will buy.