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Tips For Knowing Forgotten Gmail Password

Who doesn’t have email right now? Registering an email is as important as having a mobile number. Many mobile users no longer rely on SMS to send messages. Excessive use of email makes it possible to send various types of files, many times and more economically. In fact, we can also check the destination email address using an email tester. If the email address is still active, then we can still exchange information in a real-time clearout.

In general, device users to access the internet and its functions such as Android smartphones, are required to have a Google account to access mobile phones. They must understand how to register a Google account. Having a Google account on a smartphone is like putting life on a handphone. This is no different from when pinning a SIM card on a cellphone. Because of the importance of a google account, the company, which is one of the largest in the world, has security features for the google account created.

Every creation of a google account which also actually applies to every account on many websites always must be included with a password. Of course, this is to protect the privacy of the account owner. The most common problem with account passwords is forgetting. Forgetting your google account password is the most common problem that anyone who has a google account can experience. Especially for those who are just new to the internet, smartphones, and don’t really care about the importance of a google account. This also often happens to those who are very used to changing or creating a new google account.
For the problem of forgetting your password, it can actually be solved by using Google’s facilities. If you have forgotten your Google account password, here are some tips for remembering your Google account password:

1. Change your password with the mobile number. Of course, you can do this on the condition that the phone number you enter must always be active. Because everyone tends to only memorize phone numbers that are still active. If you use your old mobile number as a password, you will most likely forget it again.
2. Change your Google account password with a recovery email. At the time of account registration, there is a column to write your other email. Use your email for your password so you can easily remember it.
3. Reset your password with a security question. This security question is also included when you register your Google account. These questions vary from hobbies to pets. You can choose the question that best describes you so that when you forget your password and are required to answer a security question, you only need to answer the truth without remembering.
4. Knowing the password with the google chrome browser.
5. Knowing the password from the google playstore application.