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The Right Way To Text Could Make Women Fall In Love

Many men tend to be shy and get nervous easily when interacting with women directly. That is why they prefer to approach a girl through chatting because they are not required to meet face to face with their crush. However, can the best ways of how to text a girl could make a woman fall in love? Of course, you can if you already understand some of the tricks and rules. Chat and text are not only a matter of looking for an interesting conversation with women but also makes her take the initiative to chat with you. And the most important thing is she wants to be invited by you!

Use texting and chatting as a means to express yourself. Dating makes it difficult for you because not only you are trying to make a good impression on her, you also have to be your best self in front of her. If you are still shy, just use chat as a tool to express yourself. Use emojis, say things that are difficult for you to say directly. However, keep in mind, if you can be sociable and friendly chat, make sure you are also like that when meeting her in person.

You could also maintain your mysteriousness through chat because the way to make women fall in love is to make you difficult to predict. Chatting already gives a mysterious feel because we can’t see the other person directly. Take advantage of this loss by increasing your mystery through chat. Women love men who have mystery because it makes them curious, so she is encouraged to explore deeper about you. You can start by playing the period to reply to the chat from her. Instead of immediately responding, it’s better to wait until 15-30 minutes so that she is curious to you. Maintaining mysteriousness by acting like you can’t reply to her text messages as soon as possible also shows you have a busy schedule. Women must question the man who is always there 24 hours for her because she thinks you do not have a job or a meaningful activity.