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What Happens When Someone Is In A Coma?

Unlike sleep, a comatose patient cannot be awakened. This is because the patient cannot feel or respond to external stimuli (for example sounds and touch) or his own physical needs (such as eating and urinating) miraclehealingprayers.com/. These are times when someone needs an urgent healing prayer request so that nothing more sad happens.

However, it should be remembered that the workings of human consciousness are so complex and mysterious. Human consciousness cannot be measured concretely and no technology can read anyone’s mind or consciousness. Although there are a few coma survivors who report that they can remember and realize what happened around them when they were in a coma, there is no way to prove that testimony. However, it hasn’t been proven that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

So is it possible that the comatose patient is still conscious?
The definition of consciousness itself is still being debated by doctors and scientists. Simply put, awareness can be interpreted as the presence or absence (or how much) brain activity. Patients who show signs of consciousness mean that their brain is still functioning and active, although it is very minimal.

It may be that the patient can only be limited to hearing things around him, but his brain is unable to understand why he is there and what is happening to him. In different cases, the comatose patient shows slight finger movements or sound production. In such cases, the patient’s consciousness may have begun to return, but has not been able to fully respond such as opening eyes or talking. According to experts, this is because there is no clear boundary between full awareness and loss of consciousness. So, it is very difficult to distinguish whether coma patients are still conscious or not.

What can a doctor do to help a comatose patient?
The key to healing a patient (or life) is healing his brain. As a vital organ, the brain is the center of all bodily functions. So what doctors can do on the patient’s brain is to prevent further swelling, suck up fluid, supply oxygen, repair damaged tissue, and crackdown on parts of the damage that are already too severe.