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How to Clean Clogged Water Pipes from Moss and Dirt

In this article will be presented some ways to clean the mossy water pipe and dirty with each of its advantages and disadvantages. If you need a professional to handle your plumbing problem, you can visit plomeros en monterrey .

Here are some ways to clean a clogged water pipe:

– Clean the water pipe with a fire soda

Chemicals that are often used to clean the pipes are soda flame and chlorine (sodium hypo chloride). The use of this method is quite old but still effective in removing dirt from the water pipe. Things to watch out for when using fire soda to clean the water pipe:

There are disadvantages in the use of caustic soda that is often when using a fire soda to clean the pipe then the pipe will be more brittle and if there is a small leak then the leak will be greater. After the use of caustic soda, you should not use it first to wash vegetables, brush your teeth for a maximum of 3 days. Because the rest of the caustic soda that sticks to the pipe wall is still flowing along with the water you use.

– How to clean the pipe with a rigid system

The trick is to insert a spiral wire with the tip of the head there are many wire fibers like mango seed, then the wire is inserted while rotated. By turning it then the crust and Moss will be separated from the wall of the pipe and make the pipe clean again.

The weakness of this way is if there is a T-shaped pipe connector then the point will be dismantled. Surely it will take a long time and will damage your ceramic floor if the pipe buried in it. Plus if your ceramic is a motif purchased several years ago certainly no longer the same motif.