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You Must Avoid These Things After Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Is Done Recently

The first abstinence that you should not do after performing a plastic nose surgery is to take a shower with warm water and should also be avoided after Plastic Surgery, Body Skin Surgery, and Facial Lifting Surgery. The temperature of the warm water is quite high, this gives effects such as open pores and also expedites blood flow quickly. This can clearly affect the condition of the nose and also interfere with medications that are useful for restoring new nose plastic surgery. On the other hand, you may also go to the best Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale if you’re looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon near your area.

In addition, drugs can be used to protect pain. If you use warm water, the effects of the medicine will disappear. In addition, a warm bath can interfere with scars and will hurt. If you have done plastic surgery, especially nose plastic surgery. If you want to take a shower, you can use water that is not too cold.

Then, avoid doing activities for a while. Nose plastic surgery is indeed one type of surgery or plastic surgery that is not too big. However, it means you can start your activities right after plastic surgery. You should rest and stay away from the crowd for two weeks. it will give a lot of effects, ranging from avoiding the flu virus that can cause infection, nudged or squeezed and others. conditions that are still swollen after plastic surgery can also make you feel uncomfortable to travel outside.

After that, you need to make sure your pillows for sleep are not low in position. The nose is one of the organs associated with several other organs such as the throat and ears. What you should know is that after performing surgery or plastic nose surgery, it’s best not to use a pillow that is too low or even the same as a bed. This will cause bleeding or bleeding from the nose which eventually endangers. In addition, blood flow will also not be smooth and is feared to inhibit the oxygen process in the head. Try to raise your head a little so that there is no comfort and no problems in the nose.