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Get To Know The EDC Tools That You Use Frequently

You can find this EDC machine at the cashier of modern shops, minimarkets, or supermarkets as a card payment machine.

The Electronic Data Capture machine, which is then abbreviated as an EDC machine read more here, is a machine that is used to accept non-cash payments from credit or debit cards.

How the EDC machine works are similar to an ATM machine. You insert the card or swipe it. After that, enter the PIN into the machine to confirm the transaction.

Now that there are chips on credit or debit cards, card friction is rarely done.
For transactions, the card is inserted into the EDC machine.

While for those who use electronic money or e-money, just attach the card to the machine so that the transaction occurs.

Transaction fees at EDC machines are borne by the merchant or merchant
Don’t let you not know this. Transaction fees on this machine are fully charged to the merchant or merchant.

So, you have to reject or be suspicious if asked for a fee.
The fees charged to customers vary in size, namely from 0.15 – 0.75 percent. Usually, a 0.15 percent fee is charged to the same bank transaction or On Us.
While a 0.75 percent fee is charged to a different bank transaction or Off Us.

Swiping the credit card into the EDC machine is free of charge
Apparently, there is an exception if the transaction is with a credit card.
The use of credit cards on this machine is free of charge. In other words, fees only apply if the transaction uses a debit card.

EDC transactions can just fail
You can only do transactions using this machine and fail. If you experience this, it’s better to avoid the second friction or double swipe.

There are several causes for EDC transactions to fail.
• Incorrectly entered your PIN.
• System or network interference.
• Damage to magnetic tape.
• Insufficient balance or limit.