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Dangers Of Molds Behind Your Carpet

Carpet is indeed commonly used as a floor mat, both at home or in the office. Even so, it turns out the carpet contains many causes of disease, such as fungus/spores Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches can help you get rid of mold that might have been multiplying on your carpet. What’s more, office carpets carry a lot of germs and bacteria from employees’ shoes.

The fungus that grows usually will make your beloved carpet so musty smelling. Besides, mold can also damage the surface of carpet fibers.

Shaped like moss, but finer, the fungus on the carpet can be white, yellow, brown, black, pink, or bluish-green. Remarkably, they can directly multiply in 24-48 hours, especially if in a humid place.

Although we often maintain the temperature and humidity of the air in the room, in fact, the fungus continues to grow. Therefore, it is important to do the following specific things to clean the carpet from mildew attack.

Prevents mold on the carpet
After cleaning, then keep the carpet from fungal attack needs to be done so that spores do not easily appear and disturb your family. For that, some things you can do is to spray an anti-fungal product. Or, you can also use vinegar and baking soda.

The trick, you only have to pour vinegar on the carpet you want to protect from mold. After settling for 1 hour, rinse the carpet thoroughly.

In order not to be musty, then just apply baking soda powder that has been mixed with warm water (in the form of pasta) and applies on the carpet. After that, wipe clean then vacuum.

Disease Caused by Fungus on the Carpet
So what if we don’t clean the carpet regularly? What can happen if we allow mold to multiply?

The most dangerous thing, mold on the carpet can cause various asthma symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. While the mildest, namely reactions to allergies which include runny nose, itching, red eyes, and sinusitis.

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