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You Can Try These Ways To Get Rid Of Egg Smells From Your Kitchen Appliances

The first way you can do is to sprinkle salt on cooking equipment that smells fishy from eggs. Leave it for a few minutes, then rinse the cooking utensil under running water. The fishy smell should have disappeared. And you can also wash the cookware as usual before storing it again. Apart from that, if you want to buy an easy-to-clean kitchen appliance, you may want to check out the Thermador.

Then, another way can be by pouring lime juice on cooking utensils that have the smell of eggs, leave a few minutes then rinse with water until clean. The typical fishy odor of eggs should have disappeared because lime is known to be able to eliminate various unpleasant odors in kitchen utensils. In addition, lime can also give a fresh aroma to your cooking utensils.

If you are out of stock of fresh lime juice in the kitchen, just use dishwashing soap with the lime extract. Besides being able to get rid of stains quickly, lime extract can also make your cooking utensils typical of fresh lime juice. Wash the cooking utensils that smell of eggs with this dish soap and rinse with running water as usual. Don’t forget to dry the cooking utensils before storing.